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How To Lose Weight

 The NEW NatraLEAN™ Advanced Weight Loss System!

This is one of the most exciting additions in One24’s history! The NatraLEAN™ System offers dramatic results and will have a huge impact on your health!

The NatraLEAN™ System is designed to put your body into the FAT Burning mode. NatraLEAN™ will take your weight loss to new levels…not only is it scientific…it’s simple!

"Scientific – Simple – Synergistic"

Obesity in America is reaching epidemic proportions! In 2011, the CDC statistics show that 59% of men and 49% of women are overweight…34% of all Americans are considered clinically obese! Excess weight hurts more than your looks. It can be a major contributor to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and even some types of cancer.

How would you like to look better, feel better and become healthier?

The NatraLEAN™ Advanced Weight Loss System can be a life transforming program for you!

Why Diets Fail

"Fat Locks" – Most diets simply reduce your consumption of calories, which will result in ‘weight’ loss. However, many of these programs actually stimulate the loss of muscle and fluids, while hindering fat burning. Many programs actually stimulate fat storage because they miss some important factors. For example, blood sugar and hormone levels can signal your body to either store fat, rather than releasing it. It is important to remember that ‘weight loss’ isn’t necessarily FAT loss.

Supporting Your "Fat Furnace" - There are other extremely important factors to consider if you want to maximize FAT loss. The real key is keeping your body in the ‘fat-burning mode’.

We have discovered that there are three factors that keep the ‘furnace’ burning. However, most diets miss one or more of these critical issues. Conversely, The NatraLEAN™ Weight Management System places emphasis on these factors:

1. You must control blood sugar levels and stimulate the production of the ‘fat release’ hormone, glucagon, rather than insulin. Many diet drinks, bars and other meal replacements are loaded with sugars and ‘bad carbs’, which actually hinders fat loss.

The NatraLEAN™ Weight Management System helps balance your blood sugar/insulin, which dramatically affects energy levels AND how much fat your body stores/holds onto.

2. You must consider hormone balances, especially the effects that stress has on DHEA, Cortisol, Testosterone, Progesterone & Estrogen. Too much, or too little interferes with fat burning. Maintaining normal cortisol levels stimulates fat loss. Optimal adrenal and thyroid function is critical. The NatraLEAN™ Weight Management System supports hormonal production/balance.

3. You must maximize your metabolism. The NatraLEAN™ Weight Management System promotes Thermogenesis (Increased Metabolism), which speeds up fat loss.



The NatraLEAN™ Products


The NatraLEAN™ Advanced Weight-Loss System contains 3 exclusive complexes, each aimed at supporting fat-loss through a separate mechanism.  Even though each formula has specific benefits, the combination of all 3 formulas creates synergistic results. Here's how the NatraLEAN™System works:

  • Take Formula 2 Capsules.  Use one capsule in the morning and/or one capsule in the afternoon.  Since this formula enhances the efficiency of your metabolism (without stimulants), it is best to use in the morning and afternoon when your stress and activity levels are the highest.  You may start with one capsule per day and increase to two if desired.
  • Replace up to two meals with a NatraLEAN Nutritional Shake.  You may also have a slice of whole grain toast (with a teaspoon of peanut butter or almond butter), or oatmeal, small serving of high fiber/low-sugar cereal, etc. with your shake. 
  • Eat Two Snacks.  One mid-morning, one mid-afternoon or evening.  Snacks may consist of whole fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts, lean protein.
  • Take Formula 3 Capsules.  Use 1-2 capsules with 8 ounces of water, 20 minutes prior to larger meals, especially those which contain higher levels of sugars/carbohydrates.  This is a great product to use prior to desserts.
  • Eat one or two normal (healthy) Meal(s).  This is a well-balanced, low fat (good fat) meal consisting of lean meat, fish, chicken, whole eggs, vegetables, bread or whole grain.


NatraLEAN™ FAQ's

Q.  Why is this system so different?

A.  Many products do a good job of reducing caloric intake, which will cause weight loss.  However, reducing calories is only a piece of the total puzzle.  To get healthy, lasting results, you must deal with other factors.  Supporting healthy blood sugar, insulin and hormonal levels can dramatically improve your results.  For example, stress can have a big impact on your ability to lose fat because of the impact it has on production of certain hormones.

Q.  The System seems expensive.  Why is that?

A.  Here are some of the reasons:

Many programs only consist of one product, which is typically some sort of meal replacement.  The NatraLEAN™ System consists of three products.

Meal replacement offsets a good amount of the cost.  In many cases, it results in a net SAVINGS.

The Formula 2 & 3 typically last more than 30 days, so product purchases are staggered, which lowers your monthly cost after the purchase of your first package.

These products contain premium ingredients!  These formulas are far above the norm!  Do your homework and you will see the value proposition is very high.

Q.  Why do you suggest only using the meal replacement shakes 5 times per week?

A.  This adds variety to the program, making it more lifestyle adaptive.  We have also found that the days off typically aren’t as bad as you might think.  The reason is the 5 days of healthy eating improves blood sugar and other functions.  The result is the ‘junk food’ and overeating doesn’t taste as good anymore.

Q.  Why do you put more emphasis on measuring, rather than weighing?

A.  The scale can be deceiving.  For example, fluid can be a huge factor…it can sometimes show as substantial amounts of weight, which is not a good indicator of your progress.  Supporting/adding lean mass can show as pounds on the scale, but is very advantageous to your appearance, health and even the ability to burn fat.

Q.  How many meals can I replace each day with the NatraLEAN™ shake?

A.  You will have good results simply replacing one meal per day and following the program instructions.  Some people have replaced two meals to jump-start their program.  It’s important to adapt it to your lifestyle as much as possible. 

Q.  Do I continue to take the Formula 2 Fat Loss Support and Formula 3 Blood Sugar/Hunger Support capsules on my ‘off’ days?

A.  Yes.

Q.  How many Formula 2 Fat Loss Support capsules should I take each day?

A.  One or two…many people start the program using 2 capsules per day, then reduce to 1 capsule after a couple of weeks.

Q.  How many Formula 3 Blood Sugar/Hunger Support capsules should I take?

A.  Use 1 or 2 capsules prior to larger, carbohydrate/sugar dense meals.  If possible, take capsules 15-20 minutes prior to the meal, with 8 ounces of water. 

Q.  Can I use the Formula 3 capsules more than once per day if I am having multiple meals with carbohydrates/sugar?

A.  Yes.

Q.  Will the Formula 3 capsules still be beneficial if I take them with the meal?

A.  Yes.  However, they will work better when taken prior to the meal.

Q.  Are there any stimulants?

A.  No.

Q.  Why isn’t the Formula 1 Shake mix container full?

A.  The powder is packaged by weight, not volume.  Since the granulation is extremely fine, there tends to be quite a bit of settling in shipment.  We also use a larger container so the powder is easier for you to access and remove.  You can shake the canister when you receive it to ‘fluff’ the powder, prior to use.

Q.  It seems like I’m allowed to eat quite a bit of food.  That seems unusual for a weight loss program?

A.  The goal is to lose FAT, not just weight.

Q.  Can I mix the NatraLEAN™ with the NatraBURST™?

A.  Absolutely!  It’s a fantastic way to add a lot of nutrition.

Q.  Can NatraBOOST™ Energy Concentrate drops be advantageous?

A.  Yes.  NatraBOOST™ can be used in between meals to help increase energy and curb hunger.  It’s very convenient to put NatraBOOST™ into your bottled water and sip on it over a few hours.

Q.  Will this plan interfere with my prescription medication?

A.  Although all of the ingredients contained in the NatraLEAN™ products are natural, we suggest that you check with your physician.  We suggest that anyone under a physician’s care check with them prior to starting any new program.

Q.  Do the products contain any soy?

A.  The products only contain lecithin, which is derived from soy.  The products do not contain any soy protein, soy flour, soy isolate, etc. 

Q.  Do the products contain any gluten, MSG, artificial sweeteners or flavorings?

A.  No.

Q.  What do I do once I have achieved my weight loss goals?

A.  Continue to eat as healthy as possible, using the Tips you have learned on the program.  Our intent is to continue to publish helpful hints, recipes, etc. to ensure your ongoing success.  Many people will periodically follow the NatraLEAN™ System just a couple of days each week to maintain.


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